Disneyland Paris, Our favourite restaurants

Disneyland Paris, Our favourite restaurants

One thing I really worried about before we went to Disneyland Paris the first time was the price of food. I’d heard people say they had spent £1000+ in a few days and this just wasn’t in the budget for us. There was no dining plan offer when we went and it was expensive to add one so we decided to just go with it and hope for the best. Both times we’ve been we’ve spent around £400 (excluding a few pre booked meals) including drinks etc.. It’s obviously not the cheapest place but you can do it without spending the huge amounts people say. We could have done it on even more of a budget if we tried as well. Here’s the places we ate at and enjoyed.

Breakfast – the first time we stayed we had breakfast included at Santa Fe, I personally wouldn’t go for this unless you get it included as I found it quite crowded & chaotic. We made do with a coffee in the room and then just grabbed something in the park when we were up the second time we went.

Annette’s- We really enjoyed Annette’s, it’s themed around an old school American diner with the staff on roller-skates. This is definitely the place We queued the longest and it was always busy after the fireworks so be prepared to queue for a while. The portions are massive, we shared 2 of the Jukebox menu’s between the 3 of us and there was more than enough food. This is €29 and included a starter, main and brownie for pudding. Finn loved the brownie.

McDonald’s breakfast – the second time we visited we didn’t have Breakfast included and Finn choose McDonald’s for his birthday breakfast as they did pancakes. I know it’s not the healthiest but we were really surprised how good value it was. It cost us €16 and for that me and Stu had meal each with a bacon & egg muffin, pancakes, coffee and juice and Finn had pancakes, hot chocolate & juice and it definitely kept us going for a while.

Rainforest cafe – We all loved the theming of the Rainforest Cafe. Finn especially loved the fish & monkeys. It is a little on the expensive side, they do have some set menus though which are a bit cheaper. We all really enjoyed our food though and would say it’s worth the expense once on your visit. Our bill came to around €80 for a children’s meal with drink & dessert, a beer, a cocktail, a shared starter and 2 mains.

Vapianos- We love Vapiano’s and find it really fresh & tasty and good value. The portions are quite big so Finn shared with us we had a pasta & pizza dish and with 3 drinks it came to about €35. The ordering system can be a little chaotic as you have to go up separately for pizza & pasta and then get buzzed when your food is ready but it’s well worth it.

Five Guys – this is another restaurant located in Disney village. We shared again between the 3 of us and 2 burgers, a large chips and 2 drinks was €40, a bit on the expensive side for a burger but they are really fresh & big portions.

Inventions, Disneyland Hotel – This is by far my favourite Dining experience we have done at Disney. We went for lunch for Finn’s birthday and Mickey, Minnie and the staff brought out a cake and sang to his (I Pre booked this for about €25) it was such a special moment. Inventions is expensive at €65 for an adult and €35 for a child but we added it at the time of booking so we could spread the cost. The character interaction was brilliant and they came round a few times. We got plenty of photos and Finn’s booked signed. The food was lovely as well there was Beef, king prawns, loads of salad, cheese, desserts etc.. definitely the one to do if you do one character meal.

Caseys’s Corner- This is on Main St with an area to eat inside or an outdoor eating area. The hot dogs are really nice traditional American ones & it came to around £35 for 2 hot dogs, 2 chips, nuggets & 2 drinks.

Glowtini- I loved the Glowtini cocktails which are quite fruity & come with a light up ice cube. We stayed in Santa Fe and apparently this is the cheapest place to have one.

Fuento del Orto- we ate here on the last day by chance as we were in Frontierland and had time before we had to head back for our taxi. I’m really glad we did as it was really nice Mexican food. It came to €32 and we had Nachos and 2 set meals including drinks & a side or yogurt. This was plenty for the 3 of us.

Toad Hall- this is a fish & chip restaurant in Fantasyland. We all really enjoyed it and got the Double to share with a few extra sides.

Cable car bake shop- this is on Main Street and Finn loved the Nutella muffins. They do all sorts of Disney themed cakes & snacks.

Plaza Gardens- on our first visit we had the character breakfast here. I really enjoyed it but after doing the lunch at inventions I’d say that’s definitely the better of the two. You still get the characters coming to your table but it just felt a little rushed compared to inventions and they only seem to come round once. The breakfast was really good though with an amazing selection. I’d still do the breakfast again if we got a deal but would definitely pick the lunch if we could.

Buffalo Bills- On our first visit we did Buffalo Bills Wild West show and loved it, Finn was just over 2 and he really enjoyed it but it is really noisy. The show was brilliant with character appearances and we all really enjoyed the food. You get drinks re fills as well. It’s definitely a fun experience and is really interactive.

Earl of Sandwich- We love Earl of Sandwich and normally end up eating here a few times. They do really nice sandwiches with loads of options and it’s always really quick & reasonable prices. They do a meal deal for about €12 or you can just get the sandwiches on there own.

What my Toddler Eats 

What my Toddler Eats 

Finn is now 17 months, he’s still a really good eater and will try most things. He doesn’t always eat a big portion at each meal but will sometimes graze throughout the day. 

For Breakfast Finn tends to have Cereal (Cheerios, rice crispies etc..) Something like avocado, peanut butter or soft cheese on toast or 1/2 a Bagel, a brioche roll a crumpet or pancakes. He also has fruit. I am trying to get him used to an open cup so I will give him this in the morning while he’s still in his pyjamas. 


Lunch is normally a pic- Nic type meal so we have the same thing if we are out and about or at home. I give Finn a choice of things like; sandwiches, cheese cubes, crisps, thins with ham, cucumber, fruit, cherry tomatoes, pepper etc.. 


Finn will eat whatever we are eating in the evening. He loves Pasta at the moment so I will make that quite often. Recent meals I’ve made that he has loved are Joe Wick’s Chicken & Leek Pie, Sausage and Bean Stew and carbonara. After tea he will a small piece of angel cake, yogurt, fruit or occasionally ice- cream. 

Snacks and Drinks 

Finn loves milk, he has these Anyway up cow cups. He has about 3/4 cup full a day. He drinks mostly water with the odd weak cordial. Snacks tend to be fruit, rice cakes, raisins, cheese, Dunkers (breadsticks and cheese), flapjacks or yoghurt.

Baby Led Weaning 

Baby Led Weaning 

When we first started weaning Finn we started with traditional purées both homemade and with the odd jar and pouch for convenience. I soon realised I hated making the purées, I thought it was silly making loads of separate things when I always cooked from scratch  for us anyway and it was a massive pain when we were out and about for days out or on holidays. 

I started to read about Baby Led Weaning after hearing about it at my baby matters class. There’s a massive divide on this, people say you aren’t doing true baby led weaning if you spoon feed as well. I didn’t take this approach at all as there was food Finn loved like porridge and yogurts that I just wasn’t going to let him loose on until he was better with a spoon. Also the whole idea for me was to make our lives easier so I didn’t want to be tied to one thing. Overall it worked perfectly for us and I loved the fact Finn could join in with family meal times and if we were out all day I could just pick up some food for him. It was also perfect when we were on holiday as we could just let Finn have bits of our food. 

I loved the Gill Rapley books on Baby Led Weaning especially about the theory behind it, I love reading so like to get a book on anything new. I also found loads of useful information online and on other blogs. Generally I just adapted whatever we were eating just watching things like salt and spice ( although I only like mild spice so I would give this to Finn and just put things like yogurt in chilli). 

A product I found really useful when we first started Finn on solids was the Nuby Garden Fresh Steam and Mash, I’ve recommended this to everyone as its really handy when out and about to mash bits of your food. It was also brilliant for our holiday to Fuerteventura as we were all inclusive so could just pick bits of food from the buffet. 

When we first started I just gave Finn any bits of what I was eating that were suitable, but some thing Finn loved  and were easy for him to eat were: cucumber sticks, wedges of nectarine, sweet potato wedges, baked cod fillets crumbled into smaller pieces, mini corn on the cob, broccoli florets, omelette cut into strips, pasta (the bigger tube types were best), chunks of banana and chopped up cherry tomatoes. The list really is endless though, I just started with bigger pieces and as Finn’s pincer grip and co- ordination improved I made the pieces smaller. As it was winter we were having a lot of things like curry, chilli, stews, pasta sauces etc.. So I just made sure the veg and meat were in bigger chunks than normal and gave him this. I gave him a fork and spoon early on but just left it near his food and he is slowly getting the hang of it. 

Finn really is an adventurous eater there’s nothing he won’t eat including olives, plenty of veg and much stronger tastes. When we have been on holiday he is really happy to try any food. It also means I can just do one shop for the family and don’t have to buy different foods for him. When we eat out there’s always something on the menu he will love. I’m hoping because we incorporated baby led weaning Finn will continue to love all foods and be willing to try anything. 

Did anyone else try baby led weaning? What was your experience?

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