Muscle food- Fish 

Muscle food- Fish 

I recently placed another order at Muscle Food, this time I decided to try out their fish range. I love Fish and Seafood but we hardly eat it so I want to incorporate more into our diets. 

This order cost £31.30 including delivery. I had a code for free delivery. I ordered a fresh fish selection which was £19, this included. 

  • 2 X 4-5oz Fresh Salmon Fillets. 
  • 2 X 4-5oz Fresh Tuna Fillets 
  • 2 X 4-5oz Fresh Swordfish Loins 
  • 150g Fresh Cooked & Peeled King Prawns 
  • 40g Herby Fish Rub 

I also ordered 

  • 500g – Fresh Fish Pie Mix 
  • 250g Sticky Maple Glaze Salmon 

The fish is all really good portion sizes and good quality. I’ll update as we try it all.