Creating memories with Lifecake 💙

Creating memories with Lifecake 💙

I have recently downloaded the Lifecake app and I’m loving adding all of our memories to it. If you haven’t used it before Lifecake is a free app (10gb of storage, extra storage can be purchased ) that allows you to upload your photos which are then viewed in time order. I absolutely love this feature and have already spent far too much time flicking back to the photos of Finn as a newborn. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m forever running out of phone memory and I never get round to putting them onto our computer so the fact they can  all be stored in the app is so handy.   

Another feature of the Lifecake app I love is the fact that you can invite friends and family members to privately view the time line. It’s like your own private social media as you can like & comment on the pictures. I’m forever sending my parents photos of Finn as they live in a different City, I like to keep them updated on what we’ve been up to. I’ve sent them both a link to the Lifecake app so they can view all Finn’s photos. I love that it’s private as well  as you don’t always want to share every photo to social media. 

You can order print products directly from the Lifecake app including; prints, phone cases, tote bags, posters, Polaroid prints, fridge magnets, picture books, mugs, calendars and invitations. I forever plan on getting pictures of Finn printed off but never actually get to the shop to do it (and can never work the machines) so being able to print directly from the app is perfect. Family members you have invited can also order print products as well. We usually get the Grandparents a personalised gift off Finn for Christmas so Lifecake will come in handy for that. 

I used the Print Shop to order a phone cover. I chose a picture of Finn with Woody at Disneyland as it’s one of my favourite memories so I love being able to look at it all the time.  It’s really simple and quick to upload your photo and you can edit it on the app to make sure it all fits on the case. You can even add personalised text which would be a lovely touch for a gift.  The phone cover arrived in 2 Days and is really high quality. Overall I was really impressed and will definitely carry on using the app and print shop. 

For any of my readers downloading the Lifecake app you can use my code ‘mrsdavies’ to receive 25% off your first order and an extra 10gb storage. Perfect if you’re looking to buy any personalised Christmas gifts. (Valid until 31st January 2018) 

* Disclosure- for the purpose of  this review I was able to pick a Lifecake product. All views expressed are my own. 

Top 10 Newborn Products 

Top 10 Newborn Products 

These are the things we couldn’t live without in the first 6 months. I’m sure there’s many more but these are just 10 of the things we loved. 

Changing Bag

 There’s  a wide variety of changing bags out there to pick from but I loved our Cath kidston London Buses Double Pocket changing bag. It was a perfect size for a day out and I loved the pattern.I don’t think they do this pattern anymore but there’s lots of lovely ones to choose from.

Taggie’s Swing ‘N Go Portable Swing 

Finn loved this swing, he would fall asleep in it really quickly. He loved the movement, the sound effects and the toys. 

Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Peek-a – Boo Leaves Mobile 

Finn loved watching this and the sound effects. It always helped him to go to sleep. 

MAM Bottles 

I loved the self sterilising function of these bottles. It meant I didn’t need a seperate steriliser and I could just sterilise each one as we used it. 

Travel System 

We had the Silver Cross Wayfarer, I loved how easy it was to attach the car seat for short trips. I also loved the carrycot. I wanted a carry cot as I wanted Finn to be flat and comfy  on longer walks and as it was winter I thought it would be warmer. Our travel sysytem included a carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping, this was perfect for nights away or when we stayed with family. A lot of people said don’t bother as they aren’t in them long but we got a lot of use out of ours. 


I couldn’t have coped without this as it made life so much easier getting Finn in and out of the car. Not to mention the added safety benefits. 

Maxi- Cosi Pebble 

This car seat was so easy when Finn was small to carry him from the house to the car and not disturb him when he was sleeping. 

Nursery Chair 

I really wanted a proper nursery chair but they were so expensive. We ended up getting one from IKEA, it was brilliant for during night feeds and sitting by the cot when Finn wouldn’t settle. 

Gro Egg

I loved our Gro Egg I was so worried that Finn was either too hot or too cold and this made it so simple to make sure the room was the right temperature. 

Baby Bath 

This sounds obvious but I found a baby bath really useful as I was so nervous bathing Finn at first. As I’d had a C – Section I would have struggled leaning over the big bath. We had this one from toys r us.

What were your newborn essentials?