Wonder week 9- Principles 

Wonder week 9- Principles 

I’m a bit late to this as Finn has gone through most of the leaps. But I found this book and app  so useful and it really has helped to understand any rough weeks we may have had. 

For anyone that doesn’t know the wonder weeks is based around the idea that baby’s go through major leaps in their mental developments during their early months. These leaps happen at the same time for all babies and explain fussiness and your baby being unsettled. The theory is by understanding this you can understand your baby better. 

I was very sceptical  when I first heard about it from a friends  but I downloaded the book anyway.  As I’ve mentioned in other blogs I love to read so thought it was worth a look myself. I was hooked and have found the book really interesting. I have the app and it gives an alert when Finn is about to enter a leap. mentioned to a friend the other day we will have a few days of Finn  being off or cranky and then the notification will pop up like clock work. 

Finn is currently on leap 9 which is Prinicples, this is from age 59 1/2 to 64 1/2 weeks and is all about your toddler learning rules. Each leap covers different abilities that a baby may master and signs to look out for. I will briefly talk about Finn during this leap below.


  • Playing with emotions by practicing all sorts of behavior and facial expressions from sad to happy and sweet.- This is definitely something Finn has gone through in this leap. He has even fake cried (quite dramatically) when I have put the dog in the garden. I’ve also noticed him pulling various faces in the parent view car seat mirror. 
  • Wants to do things by himself (i.e. he only eats properly if he can feed himself, and helping when it’s not wanted could result in everything ending up on the floor)- another development Finn is currently going through he won’t let us spoon feed him and always wants to use his own fork and spoon. 
  • Replays the daily domestic business done indoors and out (i.e. your baby might pretend to cook, shop, take walks, and take care of his toys; your child might even “become angry”)- Finn loves sweeping and if I wipe his table he loves to copy. He also loves to give his Teddys some of his drink.


  • Follows you constantly wherever you go- this is especially true now Finn has begun to walk 
  • Acts unusually sweet- he loves giving cuddles and kisses and will often cuddle his Teddys and say aww. 
  • Is jealous, especially when you give attention to other children- occasionally if I’m holding a friends baby Finn will be jealous. He’s only really started doing this in the past few weeks. 

Has anyone else read the Wonderweeks or used the app? What was your experience of it?  

Baby Led Weaning 

Baby Led Weaning 

When we first started weaning Finn we started with traditional purées both homemade and with the odd jar and pouch for convenience. I soon realised I hated making the purées, I thought it was silly making loads of separate things when I always cooked from scratch  for us anyway and it was a massive pain when we were out and about for days out or on holidays. 

I started to read about Baby Led Weaning after hearing about it at my baby matters class. There’s a massive divide on this, people say you aren’t doing true baby led weaning if you spoon feed as well. I didn’t take this approach at all as there was food Finn loved like porridge and yogurts that I just wasn’t going to let him loose on until he was better with a spoon. Also the whole idea for me was to make our lives easier so I didn’t want to be tied to one thing. Overall it worked perfectly for us and I loved the fact Finn could join in with family meal times and if we were out all day I could just pick up some food for him. It was also perfect when we were on holiday as we could just let Finn have bits of our food. 

I loved the Gill Rapley books on Baby Led Weaning especially about the theory behind it, I love reading so like to get a book on anything new. I also found loads of useful information online and on other blogs. Generally I just adapted whatever we were eating just watching things like salt and spice ( although I only like mild spice so I would give this to Finn and just put things like yogurt in chilli). 

A product I found really useful when we first started Finn on solids was the Nuby Garden Fresh Steam and Mash, I’ve recommended this to everyone as its really handy when out and about to mash bits of your food. It was also brilliant for our holiday to Fuerteventura as we were all inclusive so could just pick bits of food from the buffet. 

When we first started I just gave Finn any bits of what I was eating that were suitable, but some thing Finn loved  and were easy for him to eat were: cucumber sticks, wedges of nectarine, sweet potato wedges, baked cod fillets crumbled into smaller pieces, mini corn on the cob, broccoli florets, omelette cut into strips, pasta (the bigger tube types were best), chunks of banana and chopped up cherry tomatoes. The list really is endless though, I just started with bigger pieces and as Finn’s pincer grip and co- ordination improved I made the pieces smaller. As it was winter we were having a lot of things like curry, chilli, stews, pasta sauces etc.. So I just made sure the veg and meat were in bigger chunks than normal and gave him this. I gave him a fork and spoon early on but just left it near his food and he is slowly getting the hang of it. 

Finn really is an adventurous eater there’s nothing he won’t eat including olives, plenty of veg and much stronger tastes. When we have been on holiday he is really happy to try any food. It also means I can just do one shop for the family and don’t have to buy different foods for him. When we eat out there’s always something on the menu he will love. I’m hoping because we incorporated baby led weaning Finn will continue to love all foods and be willing to try anything. 

Did anyone else try baby led weaning? What was your experience?

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Finn’s 15 month update 

Finn’s 15 month update 

This last month or so I have definitely noticed Finn is changing from a baby to a little boy, his personality is beginning to emerge so much. 

Finn now weighs about 23 pounds and is in size 12-18 months clothes and in some places 18-24 months. I think he is definitely going to be tall. He is in a size 4 shoe, but still hates wearing them so will remove them at any chance. 
He is generally down to 1 nap a day unless we are out in the car or with the buggy when he will fall asleep.He has no set nap time but will nap in the day for about 2 hours, he has always been really good with his naps and likes his milk and blanket and will generally settle quite quickly. Bedtime sleep is usually anywhere from 6.30-8 pm ish until 6- 8 am with the occasion night waking. He will generally fall back to sleep in the night. For bedtime Finn likes his scout leapfrog toy, milk in a sippy cup and his blanket. 

Finn has 6 teeth, 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom. 

His favourite toys are anything Car or Thomas the tank related, he particularly loves a pull back Thomas train and his little tikes cosy coupe car. He also loves colouring and playing with his Aqua doodle.

Finn can say quite a few works now including Mama,Dada, Baba, Hiya (his favourite word which he shouts to everybody and will shout louder If he doesn’t get a repose). He can also say garden and will do the actions to round and round the garden. 

He is now becoming a more confident walker, he can walk for a minute or so  unaided and can now walk quite far holding my hand. 

This month Finn had his first city break to Rome and loved trying all the different foods. 

Finn loves to copy in particular he loves trying to brush my hair, copy when I’m cleaning or using the Hoover. In general he loves to watch and try to mimic what we are doing. He loves switching light switches on and off.

This month Finn also had his first haircut. 

Finn is a really good eater who will try anything, I’m hoping this stage lasts. He loves pasta, cheese, brioche, bananas and grapes. He still loves milk and will have a sippy cup full of cows milk in the morning, before bed and about 2 throughout the day. He also loves water. 

His sense of humour is emerging and he definitely knows how to make us laugh and is aware when he is being funny. He will often laugh at himself. He is also beginning to realise there are boundaries and looks to us for reassurance before he does something for example opening a cupboard. 

He loves messy play, gardening club and playing with his friends at nursery.