The Irish Fairy Door Company 

The Irish Fairy Door Company 

I was recently sent The Irish Fairy Door to review and for me and Finn to try out. I love this idea and can imagine as well as being fun it is an amazing way to keep your child’s imagination alive and explore the magic of childhood. 

We started by decorating the Fairy Door. I gave Finn total free reign of this ( despite having a design in my head ha). He loved it, he painted and coloured in the door with the provided paints & felt tips. He then stuck on all the decorations. 

The next step was to name & register our Fairy. We named him Bing (you are able to choose the sex). I registered him online and then downloaded the app. This way we can receive Fairy updates and inspiration for fun activities to do.

We then set up our door with the provided stepping stones & magic key, we left Bing a note welcoming him to our home. During the night Bing took the note & magic key so he is now able to enter when he likes. 

The suggestions given range from leaving your tooth for the Tooth fairy or leaving your fairy pictures or gifts. You can even leave your fairy your worries, a useful way for older children to learn to express their emotions. 

Whilst Finn is a little young to fully understand the concept it is definitely something we will continue to use over time. He still loved decorating and setting up the fairy door. It will make a lovely gift for any children in your life. 

Top 10 Newborn Products 

Top 10 Newborn Products 

These are the things we couldn’t live without in the first 6 months. I’m sure there’s many more but these are just 10 of the things we loved. 

Changing Bag

 There’s  a wide variety of changing bags out there to pick from but I loved our Cath kidston London Buses Double Pocket changing bag. It was a perfect size for a day out and I loved the pattern.I don’t think they do this pattern anymore but there’s lots of lovely ones to choose from.

Taggie’s Swing ‘N Go Portable Swing 

Finn loved this swing, he would fall asleep in it really quickly. He loved the movement, the sound effects and the toys. 

Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Peek-a – Boo Leaves Mobile 

Finn loved watching this and the sound effects. It always helped him to go to sleep. 

MAM Bottles 

I loved the self sterilising function of these bottles. It meant I didn’t need a seperate steriliser and I could just sterilise each one as we used it. 

Travel System 

We had the Silver Cross Wayfarer, I loved how easy it was to attach the car seat for short trips. I also loved the carrycot. I wanted a carry cot as I wanted Finn to be flat and comfy  on longer walks and as it was winter I thought it would be warmer. Our travel sysytem included a carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping, this was perfect for nights away or when we stayed with family. A lot of people said don’t bother as they aren’t in them long but we got a lot of use out of ours. 


I couldn’t have coped without this as it made life so much easier getting Finn in and out of the car. Not to mention the added safety benefits. 

Maxi- Cosi Pebble 

This car seat was so easy when Finn was small to carry him from the house to the car and not disturb him when he was sleeping. 

Nursery Chair 

I really wanted a proper nursery chair but they were so expensive. We ended up getting one from IKEA, it was brilliant for during night feeds and sitting by the cot when Finn wouldn’t settle. 

Gro Egg

I loved our Gro Egg I was so worried that Finn was either too hot or too cold and this made it so simple to make sure the room was the right temperature. 

Baby Bath 

This sounds obvious but I found a baby bath really useful as I was so nervous bathing Finn at first. As I’d had a C – Section I would have struggled leaning over the big bath. We had this one from toys r us.

What were your newborn essentials? 

Joie i-Anchor review 

Joie i-Anchor review 

As Finn began to grow out of his infant carrier I began the search for a new car seat. I searched so many forums, reviews, blogs and asked friends and we finally decided to get the Joie i-Anchor. 

 The two main factors for me were , I wanted Finn to rear face for as long as possible and we needed 2 isofix bases for our cars to make life easier swapping the car seat. 

For those of you that don’t know new research says your child should stay rear facing up to 4 years old. This is an approach taken in lots of European countries. The legislation hasn’t been passed in this country yet but we knew we wanted to go for this option. Extended rear facing is proven to be safer in a frontal collision, which is often the most fatal. We are going to keep Finn rear facing for as long as possible. The joie I- anchor is perfect for this as he has plenty of room and the isofix has seven different reclines so we can adjust is as he grows. The headrest also adjusts as he gets taller. I was worried that he would get fed up rear facing but because of the angle of the isofix he can see out of the window and a rear facing mirror means we can see him. 

The only slight criticism I had for this was when Finn first started using it his head would go forward slightly when he was asleep. Joie did advice to use the newborn insert. I think for this reason I’d prefer to use a newborn carrier until he had better neck control. 

Overall I would highly recommend this car seat, it was brilliant value for our requirement of 2 isofix bases and 1 car seat. 

Here’s a link to who explain why extended rear facing is safer. 

Finn rear facing

Toddler Essentials 

Toddler Essentials 

This started as my top 5 products we use in day to day  life, but the list just kept growing. These are all things me, Finn or both of us love! I will try to do an update every few months for the items we find the most useful products are at each stage. I’d also love to hear what things everyone else is using. 

Scout ( LeapFrog My Pal Scout) 

Finn absolutely loves Scout, he quickly become part of his bedtime routine. For those of you who don’t know you can program scout to say phrases aimed at your child eg, their name, favourite colour and favourite snack. Scout also plays songs and speaks about different feelings. I love Scout as we stay away from home a lot and take him with us so Finn can have a familiar part of his bedtime routine wherever we are. 

Pocket Snack Booster Seat 

When we first started weaning Finn we had a big highchair but I got fed up of it being in the way in the kitchen so I soon changed it for this booster seat. I love how Finn is at the same level as us ( I use it without the tray mainly) so he can join in at meal times. I also love how it folds up quite compact we take it with us when we go away and have even took it to local restaurants when they haven’t had a high chair. It’s also a bargain! 


Mamas and Papas Armadillo City 

This is another item we bought as we often go on breaks away. It is perfect to fit in the car with luggage or for travelling by plane.  Also my boot is tiny (Citroen c1) and this fits in my boot. I love the bright colour, the fact it fully reclines and the large sun canopy which is perfect for holidays.  Finn has recently started walking so doesn’t always want to be in the buggy but I obviously have to take it with us for longer trips out, the one hand steer makes it easy to push and hold Finn’s hand. 

Motorola Video Monitor 

We started off with a sound monitor but soon switched to a video monitor and I’m so glad we did. It’s as really useful in the early day of Finn being in his own room as we all got used to a bedtime routine and still is now. I’m not a fan of cry it out but likewise I don’t want to rush in at every noise Finn makes so this is must buy for me. 

Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup 

I love this cup, Finn likes to copy us when we are drinking from glasses or mugs but would just throw it once he is finished. This allows him to feel like he is using a cup like ours. Also it is perfect for weaning him off sippy cups. 


Finn is obsessed with wheeling his trunki about. We recently used it on the plane and it was perfect for all his toys and colouring stuff. I also love it because we stay with family a lot and it’s perfect for a few nights worth of clothes. Plus it’s a London Bus theme which I love. 

Little life Backpack

Finn has only been walking for a few weeks but has soon found his feet and is always trying to run. He’s also currently not a fan of his buggy so the little life Backpack has been perfect the past few weeks, especially when are at busy places like the zoo. I just love how cute they are as well. 

Travel Aqua Doodle 

The Travel  Aqua Doodle was a lifesaver on our recent trip to Rome, I can’t tell you how panicked we were every time we thought we had lost the pen. We used it on the plane and it was a great distraction and also in restaurants while waiting for food. I now take it every time we eat out.