Why I love Blogging

Why I love Blogging

I started my Blog about 18 months ago and loved it, I love the sense of community, the memories for Finn to keep and look back on and the fact that it made me want to fill our days with fun activities. I saw it as a lovely way to keep all our memories in once place and look back on in years to come. 

Then I’m really sorry to say I stopped because a few friends made nasty comments. I think these were mainly said joking but a few made me feel a bit self conscious about the whole blogging thing. I suppose some people don’t really get why people do it, but I follow a lot of ‘Mummy Bloggers/Vloggers’ on instagram and I love the advice they give, the inspiration for days out & holidays and the whole support network & community feel to it. I’ve felt re inspired to start  my blog again recently, especially as we’ve been lucky to have some amazing trips this past year or so and I know I’ll love looking back on these in the future. 

I’m saying goodbye to the negative people and just enjoying it again. The baby pictures of Finn are included to remind me why I love doing this so much. They remind me that time passes by so quick, it feel like we took this photos only the other day so I want to create as many memories as I can. 

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