Go Ahead’s Range of Snacks & Breakfast Bars 

Go Ahead’s Range of Snacks & Breakfast Bars 

As a busy working Mum who is constantly on the go I love this range of Go Ahead snacks & breakfast bars. I often find I go out armed with snacks for Finn but never things for me. This then inevitably leads to me eyeing up the cakes if we stop for a coffee. Since I have been putting a Go Ahead Bar in the changing bag I’ve been far less tempted and have enjoyed eating these instead. 

I have really enjoyed all the flavours but my particular favourite are the Totally Tropical yogurt breaks, the a-pealing apple crisp slices and the chocolate & orange cookie bites. 

I like to track my calories on my fitness pal so I love how all the calorie details are on the box. They are all low calorie without compromising on taste. 

I’d definitely recommend picking some up next time you are shopping. 

* Disclosure- I was sent these products to review but all opinions are my own. I loved all of these products.