Gardening Club 

Gardening Club 

Me and Finn have been going to Gardening Club since March and we love it. I love the fact that we are both learning something new together. 

We go once a week for an hour, it’s £5 but for this you get a plant or craft to take home, a cookie and drink for Finn and a coffee for me. I find it really good value compared to some classes. 

We usually have colouring in at the start, followed by planting which we normally try and get outside to do and an activity like making plant pots or a treasure hunt. The session always ends with snack time and singing. 

So far we have planted broad beans, potatoes, onions, beetroot, leek, swede, strawberries, Rosemary, runner beans, peas and carrots. We have also made plant pots from newspaper and made scarecrows and plant markers. 

Before we started I was clueless about gardening but had wanted to start a vegetable patch for a while. I’m really glad that we have started going as I’ve found I’ve really enjoyed growing all the different plants. 

I also see from the older children, who have been going for a while, how much they know about gardening and how excited they get. I think it’s lovely as so many kids don’t spend enough time outdoors. I think anything that encourages them to enjoy being in the garden is a bonus. 

I know from looking around a few garden centres offer something similar so it’s definitely worth checking out your local one.