What my Toddler Eats in a Day 

What my Toddler Eats in a Day 

We are very lucky that Finn is quite an adventurous  eater he will try anything. Hopefully he will stay this way as it makes life so much easier. 

Here’s what he eats in a typical day 


( I have also done a full post on Finn’s favourite breakfasts here.) 

This tends to start with cereal, his current favourite is Cheerios with whole milk. Finn doesn’t like to be spoon fed so I just put enough milk in to soften them. 

Our go to breakfast when we are in a rush is a banana and brioche as he can eat this while we are out or whilst I get ready for work. 

After his cereal he likes things like crumpets, pancakes, tea cakes toast or bagels. I always try to make sure he has some fruit. I usually have overnight oats and fruit so Finn will sometimes have this as well. 

Lunch & Snacks 

Lunch for Finn tends to be snack type foods as we are often out and about. He usually snacks throughout the day on things like sandwiches (ham, cream cheese, tuna etc.. On a sandwich thin), cherry tomatoes, crisps, fruit, cucumber, raisins, cheese, pepper sticks, rice cakes etc… 

Finn will tend to eat a big breakfast and tea and not so much at lunch so it works best for us to offer things like this throughout the day. 


For tea Finn will eat whatever we eat, things like curry, chilli, spaghetti bolognaise, pasta, fish, stir fry and pad Thai. We like to try a wide variety of food and so far Finn has enjoyed most things. After tea he usually has fruit or yogurt and occasionally ice cream of a slice of angel cake or fruit cake. We all eat together in the evening but if I freeze small portions of what I cook for nights when we can’t eat with Finn. 


Finn drinks a lot of water and full fat milk. He has also recently started to have the odd cup of weak cordial or watered down fruit juice. He probably has about one cup of this a day.