Gardening Club 

Gardening Club 

Me and Finn have been going to Gardening Club since March and we love it. I love the fact that we are both learning something new together. 

We go once a week for an hour, it’s £5 but for this you get a plant or craft to take home, a cookie and drink for Finn and a coffee for me. I find it really good value compared to some classes. 

We usually have colouring in at the start, followed by planting which we normally try and get outside to do and an activity like making plant pots or a treasure hunt. The session always ends with snack time and singing. 

So far we have planted broad beans, potatoes, onions, beetroot, leek, swede, strawberries, Rosemary, runner beans, peas and carrots. We have also made plant pots from newspaper and made scarecrows and plant markers. 

Before we started I was clueless about gardening but had wanted to start a vegetable patch for a while. I’m really glad that we have started going as I’ve found I’ve really enjoyed growing all the different plants. 

I also see from the older children, who have been going for a while, how much they know about gardening and how excited they get. I think it’s lovely as so many kids don’t spend enough time outdoors. I think anything that encourages them to enjoy being in the garden is a bonus. 

I know from looking around a few garden centres offer something similar so it’s definitely worth checking out your local one. 

Our Favourite Days Out 

Our Favourite Days Out 

We are very lucky as close to us in Chester, we have a lot of days out and activities suitable for toddlers. These are the current places  we love to visit. 

Chester Zoo 

We live about 10 minutes away from the Zoo and are annual pass holders, we love it. We are lucky as we can pop in for an hour or 2 or spend the day there. The recent addition of Island’s means there’s lots more to discover as well. I’d definitely recommend a visit if you haven’t been. 

Chester City Centre 

I never really thought of the city centre as child friendly until I had Finn, but there’s plenty to do with kids. We like to go to the Wesley Centre which is a church with a café and a play area for children and toddlers. We also love Grosvenor Park and will have a picnic there if the weather is nice. Finn then loves to go on the swings and  we walk down to the river and feed the ducks. 

Greenacres Animal Park 

This is a lovely farm located about 15 minutes away from us. It has a petting area which Finn loves he has bottle fed a baby goat and petted a snake, owl, rabbit and a skunk. There are plenty of animals to see, a play park and a soft play area. 

Soft Play 

We love soft play centres on a rainy day. Finn is a typical toddler with plenty of energy so when we can’t get out I take him to a  play centre so he can burn some energy. He loves the slides and ball pools. There are quite a few choices near us and they often do free days in term time. 

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm 

The Ice Cream farm is another attraction we are lucky to live about 15 minutes drive from. I have done a full review of the Ice Cream farm  Here. There’s a soft play, a park, a farm, a sand and water play, mini golf, go carts and plenty more. Not to mention the Ice Cream. I’d definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area.

What my Toddler Eats in a Day 

What my Toddler Eats in a Day 

We are very lucky that Finn is quite an adventurous  eater he will try anything. Hopefully he will stay this way as it makes life so much easier. 

Here’s what he eats in a typical day 


( I have also done a full post on Finn’s favourite breakfasts here.) 

This tends to start with cereal, his current favourite is Cheerios with whole milk. Finn doesn’t like to be spoon fed so I just put enough milk in to soften them. 

Our go to breakfast when we are in a rush is a banana and brioche as he can eat this while we are out or whilst I get ready for work. 

After his cereal he likes things like crumpets, pancakes, tea cakes toast or bagels. I always try to make sure he has some fruit. I usually have overnight oats and fruit so Finn will sometimes have this as well. 

Lunch & Snacks 

Lunch for Finn tends to be snack type foods as we are often out and about. He usually snacks throughout the day on things like sandwiches (ham, cream cheese, tuna etc.. On a sandwich thin), cherry tomatoes, crisps, fruit, cucumber, raisins, cheese, pepper sticks, rice cakes etc… 

Finn will tend to eat a big breakfast and tea and not so much at lunch so it works best for us to offer things like this throughout the day. 


For tea Finn will eat whatever we eat, things like curry, chilli, spaghetti bolognaise, pasta, fish, stir fry and pad Thai. We like to try a wide variety of food and so far Finn has enjoyed most things. After tea he usually has fruit or yogurt and occasionally ice cream of a slice of angel cake or fruit cake. We all eat together in the evening but if I freeze small portions of what I cook for nights when we can’t eat with Finn. 


Finn drinks a lot of water and full fat milk. He has also recently started to have the odd cup of weak cordial or watered down fruit juice. He probably has about one cup of this a day. 

Finn’s 16 Month Update 

Finn’s 16 Month Update 

Finn is now definitely  a toddler, his little personality is developing more and more and he knows what he wants. He’s starting  to show the first signs of tantrums. To balance this out he has a brilliant sense of humour which is just developing more and more. 

 Finn’s  bedtime routine has gone completely out of the window. I’m not sure if it’s a regression or the warmer weather & lighter nights. He used to be asleep by around 7pm but now its more like 9/10pm. He naps for about 2 hours a day but without this in the day he would be grumpy. 

 He is now eating bigger size portions but will occasionally just graze throughout the day. His favourite food at the moment is pasta. He loves pesto pasta or pasta with tuna and sweet corn or peas. He still drinks quite a bit of milk in a sippy cup, water and the occasional juice. 

Finn is saying quite a few words now including; Hiya, Night Night, All Gone, Goal, Baby, Plane, Dogga (for Dog) and Got. 

His favourite toys are a wooden plane, footballs and his garden toys especially the slide. 

He weighs 28lbs, is in 18-24 month clothes with the odd 12-18 months still fitting and is in a size 5 shoe. 

He has 8 teeth, 4 at the bottom and 4 at the top. He also seems to be getting both sets of molars as well. 

Finn loves songs including the grand old duke of York and will try to do the actions and dance. 

He is a lot more confident walking and can walk for about 5-10 minutes at a time and is now starting to run. 

This month he has been to the sea life centre, the Zoo, a farm, the beach, gardening club and messy play. 

Las Iguanas, Cheshire Oaks

Las Iguanas, Cheshire Oaks

We love eating out as a family and are always on the hunt for child friendly restaurants that still serve decent food. Something I think is hard to find. Whilst shopping at Cheshire Oaks the other day we decided to try Las Iguanas. 

I was really impressed with the food and the bill was really reasonable. We ate off the Lunch time menu with 2 for 1 drinks and kids eat free with a paying adult. The waitress also came straight over with crayons which is always a winner with Finn. 

Finn had the Macaroni & cheese, Jelly and Ice cream and Bottomless Squash. He really enjoyed it and ate almost all of the child’s portion. The Kids Menu had lots of choice and I love a menu thats not just typical kids food and has smaller versions of the adults meals. 

We ate from  the Lunch Menu. I had Nacho’s to start followed by the Cuban Sandwich with fries. Both were really tasty with really good portion sizes. Stu had chicken wings to start followed by Havana Club & BBQ pork ribs. He really enjoyed both. 

To Drink we had 1 pint of beer, a coke and 2 pina colada’s from the 2 for 1  Drinks Menu. In total the bill came to £36 which is really good value for the quality of food we had. I loved that there were lots of young family’s eating so you didn’t feel out of place. I’d definitely recommend giving Las Iguanas a try. 

Where are your favourite places to eat as a family? 

Picking the Right Nursery 

Picking the Right Nursery 

I’m not sure about anyone else but I found picking the right Nursery for Finn quite stressful. It’s scary the thought of leaving your baby with someone else. I couldn’t be any happier though with the choice we finally made for Finn. He has been at his current Nursery since he was 10 months old. I visited lots of different nursery’s and fell in love with this one. I just knew it was the right one. These are the tips I picked up from our experience or speaking to friends. Sorry this is quite a long one but hopefully you will find it useful. 

Show up unannounced  – always show up unannounced. That way you know they aren’t putting on an act. Any nursery will be happy to see you. I liked the fact they shown us round all the rooms and we’re happy to answer any questions. 

Menu’s & Food – This was really important to us. We are keen for Finn to try a wide variety of foods so I wanted the menu to be varied. I asked to see a sample menu when we visited. I loved that they served healthy snacks and encourage the children to be adventurous with food. 

Free Flow Play- Unless the weather is really bad the children are allowed to choose if they want to be out or inside. I love this as Finn loves playing outside and I think it is so important. 

Quality of toys- Learning through play is so crucial in the early years. I checked there was a wide variety of clean, safe and exciting toys. 

Routine- We mainly follow a baby led routine when it comes to naps and weaning. I visited some nurserys that insisted  on set nap times. I wasn’t keen on this as I prefer to just pick up on Finn’s signals that he is tired. Our Nursery were prepared to follow this. They were also happy to support us in Baby Led Weaning. 

Settling in Sessions- these should ideally be free while you see if the nursery is a good fit for you all. We had 2 settling in sessions which made me feel really happy about leaving Finn there for the first time. 

Feedback to home- I love that nursery give us a journal at the end of the day with what Finn has ate, his naps, what he’s drunk, nappy changes & what he has been up to. It’s lovely to know what they have been doing while they have been at nursery.  

Ofsted- I read the latest reports of all the nurserys I planned on visiting. I know a lot of it is just a snapshot of that day but I felt it was important for the nursery we picked to have a good rating. 

Ask Friends & Family- I asked around for any recommendations. A few people recommend the nursery Finn currently attends. It makes you feel more reassured knowing other people are happy. 

What would be your top tips for picking the right nursery? 

Ice cream Farm, Cheshire 

Ice cream Farm, Cheshire 

We love the Ice Cream farm it’s one of our favourite days out. We are really lucky as we are about 20 minutes away by car. It’s located in Tattenhall about 15 minutes away from Chester City Centre. 

It’s free to enter and you just pay for the soft play, sand and water play, mini golf, diggers and go- carts. We tend to just do one thing when we go as Finn loves the farm and park which are both free so we spend a while on there. Plus he still gets tired quite easily. I am definitely going to invest in one of play passes soon though as these save you money. They are worth looking into if you will be using a few of the paid activities. 

Daisy’s Garden (the park) is amazing with trampolines, hills to climb, a giant overflowing ice cream tree and loads more to discover Finn would happily play on here for ages. 

The farm is also free to enter and Finn loves walking round here and looking at all the animals. 

Our favourite is Honeycomb Canyon a giant indoor  Sand and water play. Finn loves it splashing about in the water, playing with the sandpits and exploring all the water channels. I’d definitely recommend bringing a towel and a change of clothes. 

He also really enjoys the fun factory soft play, it has it’s own toddler section so he will play quite happily. 

We haven’t tried any of the other areas as Finn is too little but they all look amazing and I’m looking forward to trying them. 
The food is really reasonable, I usually get Finn the 5 item children’s box  which is £3.75 and includes a sandwich, drink and 3 other items. There’s crisps, yogurt, chocolate, raisins and other snacks to choose from. All of the main menu is good value as well. 

Of course the main attraction is the Ice Cream with over 50 flavours to choose from. My favourite is sticky toffee pudding and Finn’s white- choc chunk. There’s definitely a flavour for everyone. The prices are really reasonable. 
I’d definitely recommend a visit if you are local or in the area. 

Let me know what you think if you have visited. 

Our Bank Holiday Monday 

Our Bank Holiday Monday 

This Bank Holiday we visited Chester Zoo. We are very lucky as we live about 10 minutes away and are members so we can visit as often as we like. We sometimes just visit for a few hours, so it’s really good value for us as we definitely get our use out of it. 

We started with breakfast at Grandma & Grandad’s scrambled eggs and crumpets. 

Finn then helped Grandad sweep the garden, he loves sweeping. 

Arriving at the Zoo.

Visiting the Elephants.

We stopped off for a quick picnic. 

Sleeping Lions 

Ice cream time.

We went to see the Sloths, Finn’s favourite he loves watching them. 

The New Dinosaur exhibition. 

Finished off with Pizza and Salad in the Garden. 

What did you get up to on the Bank Holiday Weekend? 

June Lust List 

June Lust List 

Here’s a few things I’ve had my eye on recently. I won’t get all of these things but a girl can dream. 


I’ve had my current pair for about 10 years I love them, but have now wore them to death. They are so comfy and I live in them in the summer. 

I love this pair.

The Whole Brain Child, Book 

I have read lots of good reviews for this book and recommendations so really want to give it a read. 

Lean in 15, The Shape Plan 

I absolutely love Joe Wick’s first book, we use it almost every night. The recipes are simple, quick and healthy. I can’t wait to get the second book. 

Daisy Marc Jacobs 

This is my favourite perfume and it’s something I never treat myself too. Mine has just run out so it would be lovely to have some more. 

Photography Books

I recently bought a new camera but am a complete novice. I’d love some books to try and learn some new techniques and improve my photos. 

Estée Lauder Double Wear 

I love this foundation, I usually buy cheaper brands but if I am looking to treat myself I always pick this one. The coverage is brilliant and it lasts all day, which is rare for me with foundation as I have quite oily skin.

Wha would be on your lust list? 

Sensory Snow 

Sensory Snow 

I recently made this Fake Snow for Finn, it was so easy to make and fun to play with. It was mouldable like Snow but crumbled back easily so can be used over again. 

You need; 

  • A can of shaving foam or gel 
  • Baking Soda about 300/400g 
  • Glitter 

I started by putting a full tub of baking soda into the box (200g). 

I then slowly squirted in the shaving gel, mixing it as I went along. I used the whole can of shaving gel. 

I then added more baking soda a bit at a time until it had the texture of snow. 

It will look like this when it’s done. I then sprinkled in glitter and mixed it together. Due to the baking Soda when its first made it will expand when you mix  it together so it’s best to play with it straight away.