Joie i-Anchor review 

Joie i-Anchor review 

As Finn began to grow out of his infant carrier I began the search for a new car seat. I searched so many forums, reviews, blogs and asked friends and we finally decided to get the Joie i-Anchor. 

 The two main factors for me were , I wanted Finn to rear face for as long as possible and we needed 2 isofix bases for our cars to make life easier swapping the car seat. 

For those of you that don’t know new research says your child should stay rear facing up to 4 years old. This is an approach taken in lots of European countries. The legislation hasn’t been passed in this country yet but we knew we wanted to go for this option. Extended rear facing is proven to be safer in a frontal collision, which is often the most fatal. We are going to keep Finn rear facing for as long as possible. The joie I- anchor is perfect for this as he has plenty of room and the isofix has seven different reclines so we can adjust is as he grows. The headrest also adjusts as he gets taller. I was worried that he would get fed up rear facing but because of the angle of the isofix he can see out of the window and a rear facing mirror means we can see him. 

The only slight criticism I had for this was when Finn first started using it his head would go forward slightly when he was asleep. Joie did advice to use the newborn insert. I think for this reason I’d prefer to use a newborn carrier until he had better neck control. 

Overall I would highly recommend this car seat, it was brilliant value for our requirement of 2 isofix bases and 1 car seat. 

Here’s a link to who explain why extended rear facing is safer. 

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