Wonder week 9- Principles 

Wonder week 9- Principles 

I’m a bit late to this as Finn has gone through most of the leaps. But I found this book and app  so useful and it really has helped to understand any rough weeks we may have had. 

For anyone that doesn’t know the wonder weeks is based around the idea that baby’s go through major leaps in their mental developments during their early months. These leaps happen at the same time for all babies and explain fussiness and your baby being unsettled. The theory is by understanding this you can understand your baby better. 

I was very sceptical  when I first heard about it from a friends  but I downloaded the book anyway.  As I’ve mentioned in other blogs I love to read so thought it was worth a look myself. I was hooked and have found the book really interesting. I have the app and it gives an alert when Finn is about to enter a leap. mentioned to a friend the other day we will have a few days of Finn  being off or cranky and then the notification will pop up like clock work. 

Finn is currently on leap 9 which is Prinicples, this is from age 59 1/2 to 64 1/2 weeks and is all about your toddler learning rules. Each leap covers different abilities that a baby may master and signs to look out for. I will briefly talk about Finn during this leap below.


  • Playing with emotions by practicing all sorts of behavior and facial expressions from sad to happy and sweet.- This is definitely something Finn has gone through in this leap. He has even fake cried (quite dramatically) when I have put the dog in the garden. I’ve also noticed him pulling various faces in the parent view car seat mirror. 
  • Wants to do things by himself (i.e. he only eats properly if he can feed himself, and helping when it’s not wanted could result in everything ending up on the floor)- another development Finn is currently going through he won’t let us spoon feed him and always wants to use his own fork and spoon. 
  • Replays the daily domestic business done indoors and out (i.e. your baby might pretend to cook, shop, take walks, and take care of his toys; your child might even “become angry”)- Finn loves sweeping and if I wipe his table he loves to copy. He also loves to give his Teddys some of his drink.


  • Follows you constantly wherever you go- this is especially true now Finn has begun to walk 
  • Acts unusually sweet- he loves giving cuddles and kisses and will often cuddle his Teddys and say aww. 
  • Is jealous, especially when you give attention to other children- occasionally if I’m holding a friends baby Finn will be jealous. He’s only really started doing this in the past few weeks. 

Has anyone else read the Wonderweeks or used the app? What was your experience of it?  

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