Toddler breakfasts 

Toddler breakfasts 

I always struggle with quick and healthy breakfasts for Finn so thought I would share our favourites. I love looking on other people’s blogs for inspiration, so hopefully I can get more ideas for us as well.

Scrambled egg, cherry tomatoes & toast with full fat soft cheese. 

Overnight oats- I love these and have them a lot, Finn always wants to eat mine so I’ve started to make them for him. I use yogurt either Greek or a pot of fromage frais and mix in the oats. In the morning I top with whatever fruit we have, it’s perfect as the thicker consistency means Finn can feed himself. 

1/2 a bagel with full fat soft cheese and fruit. 

Brioche, cubes of cheese, scrambled egg, ham & cherry tomatoes. This is usually a lunch for Finn but on a day I know we have a busy morning and won’t be eating lunch till later I will make him something like this to keep him going.

Brioche and grapes, probably Finn’s favourite. 

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