Camping With A Baby

Camping With A Baby

We regularly enjoyed camping with friends before Finn was born so last summer we couldn’t wait to take him on his first camping trip. We are very lucky that we live so close to some beautiful campsites in North Wales so we decided to camp twice last year firstly in Llangollen and secondly in Conwy both of which were perfect for camping with a baby. Hopefully this  post will be helpful to people thinking of camping with a baby as I read endless blogs before we had our first trip. We also have a longer camping trip planned for this year so hopefully I can pick up some tips my self. 

I’ll briefly cover the best thing we took with us and the tips I picked up 

Food- Finn was in the early stages of weaning when we took him camping so I found pouches invaluable, I’d say even if you try to stick mainly to home cooked food I’d relax on this occasion as it really is just easier to use a pouch or jar. I did take some pre made food but found it stressful to try and keep it cool and then heat  it up.  Pre made porridge was brilliant just to add water to at breakfast Time. 

Bottles- Finn was still on bottles when we took him camping so I took our MAM steam steriliser and just used it as a cold water steriliser. I just made sure as soon as we used a bottle I washed them and then  kept the flask topped up with boiling water. I also took plenty of ready made formula just in case. 

Keeping Warm- although we camped in the summer it still got cooler in the evening. One of the tips I picked up was to put blankets underneath the cot and then a few blankets underneath Finn while he slept. This helped keep a lot of cold away with him being so close to the ground in his travel cot.  For bed we dressed him in a long sleeve vest, baby gro, cardigan and a baby sleep suit. I’d obviously recommend changing this to suit the temperature but we found this the right amount of layers for Finn. Those of you who are regular campers will know how hot tents get in the morning so we always removed a few layers as soon as we woke up. 

Checklist to take – The best things we took were 

  • The bouncy chair this was really useful for feeding, setting up and just in general for the daytime. Ours was really small so was handy for putting in the car. 
  • A smaller buggy, the first time we took our travel system and this took up too much space in the car.
  • Travel cot & matress if you have the room in the car for a travel cot matress. 
  • Muslins 
  • Baby sleeping bags. 
  • Lots of baby wipes
  • Wipe clean bibs 
  • Ready made formula 
  • Milton tablets 
  • Layers, plenty of baby cardigans, blankets & hats. 
  • Surface cleaning wipes 
  • Baby toys that are easy to wipe clean 
  • A torch for near your bed for the inevitable night time wakeups. 

This is by no means a full list, just a few things I found really useful. I was really nervous about camping with Finn but we had a great time. We were only an hour away from home and away for 2 nights though so I’m sure this summer 6 hours away from home for a week will be an adventure. 

Does anyone have any tips for me on camping with a toddler and for longer periods? I’d love to hear 

Jodie X 

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