Finn’s 15 month update 

Finn’s 15 month update 

This last month or so I have definitely noticed Finn is changing from a baby to a little boy, his personality is beginning to emerge so much. 

Finn now weighs about 23 pounds and is in size 12-18 months clothes and in some places 18-24 months. I think he is definitely going to be tall. He is in a size 4 shoe, but still hates wearing them so will remove them at any chance. 
He is generally down to 1 nap a day unless we are out in the car or with the buggy when he will fall asleep.He has no set nap time but will nap in the day for about 2 hours, he has always been really good with his naps and likes his milk and blanket and will generally settle quite quickly. Bedtime sleep is usually anywhere from 6.30-8 pm ish until 6- 8 am with the occasion night waking. He will generally fall back to sleep in the night. For bedtime Finn likes his scout leapfrog toy, milk in a sippy cup and his blanket. 

Finn has 6 teeth, 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom. 

His favourite toys are anything Car or Thomas the tank related, he particularly loves a pull back Thomas train and his little tikes cosy coupe car. He also loves colouring and playing with his Aqua doodle.

Finn can say quite a few works now including Mama,Dada, Baba, Hiya (his favourite word which he shouts to everybody and will shout louder If he doesn’t get a repose). He can also say garden and will do the actions to round and round the garden. 

He is now becoming a more confident walker, he can walk for a minute or so  unaided and can now walk quite far holding my hand. 

This month Finn had his first city break to Rome and loved trying all the different foods. 

Finn loves to copy in particular he loves trying to brush my hair, copy when I’m cleaning or using the Hoover. In general he loves to watch and try to mimic what we are doing. He loves switching light switches on and off.

This month Finn also had his first haircut. 

Finn is a really good eater who will try anything, I’m hoping this stage lasts. He loves pasta, cheese, brioche, bananas and grapes. He still loves milk and will have a sippy cup full of cows milk in the morning, before bed and about 2 throughout the day. He also loves water. 

His sense of humour is emerging and he definitely knows how to make us laugh and is aware when he is being funny. He will often laugh at himself. He is also beginning to realise there are boundaries and looks to us for reassurance before he does something for example opening a cupboard. 

He loves messy play, gardening club and playing with his friends at nursery. 

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