Rome April 2016

Rome April 2016

Before we had Finn we were big fans of city breaks but always thought this would be a nightmare experience with a toddler.  We couldn’t have been more wrong, we had an amazing time and are already planning our next one.

Finn has already been on a plane before to Fuerteventura when he was 6 months old, but I was a little more nervous this time as he is much more active. Before we went I read endless blogs and watched vlogs to get an idea of ways to cope with the flight. Finn had received a trunki for Christmas from his grandparents so I decided to take this filled with toys, colouring books, stickers & an iPad pre loaded with cartoons. The flight went relatively smoothly with the help of all these distractions. (I only thought about the pre- baby Tradition of a glass of prosecco on the plane a handful of times, honestly).

This trip was also our first time using Air B & B and we couldn’t have been any happier with our decision. I was really nervous about straying away from big hotels and all inclusive resorts (especially without the back up of my old favourite trip advisor). The apartment was lovely, if a little basic but was perfect to give Finn space to crawl and run about. I’d definitely recommend choosing an apartment over a hotel room with a toddler.

On Pre- Finn city breaks we always tried to fill our days with as much sightseeing as possible. I had the idea before we went that this would be impossible, but we still managed to see plenty just a much slower pace than usual. Villa Borghese and Explora (described as a children’s museum but more like a play centre/ interactive zone) were perfect to allow Finn to burn off some energy. 

We are very lucky as Finn is an adventurous eater, so we never had to hunt around for a toddler friendly menu. I also found the Italian’s really child friendly, not just the restaurant staff but other diners were only too happy to help or chat away to Finn. Although we weren’t able to enjoy long leisurely lunches or bottles of wine over dinner it was an amazing experience to try lots of different foods with Finn. He particularly loved carbonara and ate nearly all of my portion. 

I’d obviously be lying if I said this was as action packed as previous city breaks but we had a fantastic time. With slight changes we were able to enjoy this city with our toddler, so much so that we are planning to return soon.

5 thoughts on “Rome April 2016

  1. That’s so lovely! Sound like Finn had a great time – never mind you! haha. The Children’s museum sound like fun. I would absolutely agree with you there about booking into an apartment rather than a hotel. It feels much more relaxed and at home. Thank you for sharing. #totstravel


  2. It sounds like you had such a lovely time. We’ve found that travel with kids is so much slower but just as rewarding. We went to London a couple of weeks ago and didn’t see half of what we could have with out our toddler and baby but still had lots of fun inbetween snack stops, toilet breaks and the odd (OK, frequent) tantrum 😉


    1. We loved it, your right you have to go so much slower but it’s lovely to share the experience with your toddler. We’d love to take Finn to London


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