Top 10 Newborn Products 

Top 10 Newborn Products 

These are the things we couldn’t live without in the first 6 months. I’m sure there’s many more but these are just 10 of the things we loved. 

Changing Bag

 There’s  a wide variety of changing bags out there to pick from but I loved our Cath kidston London Buses Double Pocket changing bag. It was a perfect size for a day out and I loved the pattern.I don’t think they do this pattern anymore but there’s lots of lovely ones to choose from.

Taggie’s Swing ‘N Go Portable Swing 

Finn loved this swing, he would fall asleep in it really quickly. He loved the movement, the sound effects and the toys. 

Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Peek-a – Boo Leaves Mobile 

Finn loved watching this and the sound effects. It always helped him to go to sleep. 

MAM Bottles 

I loved the self sterilising function of these bottles. It meant I didn’t need a seperate steriliser and I could just sterilise each one as we used it. 

Travel System 

We had the Silver Cross Wayfarer, I loved how easy it was to attach the car seat for short trips. I also loved the carrycot. I wanted a carry cot as I wanted Finn to be flat and comfy  on longer walks and as it was winter I thought it would be warmer. Our travel sysytem included a carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping, this was perfect for nights away or when we stayed with family. A lot of people said don’t bother as they aren’t in them long but we got a lot of use out of ours. 


I couldn’t have coped without this as it made life so much easier getting Finn in and out of the car. Not to mention the added safety benefits. 

Maxi- Cosi Pebble 

This car seat was so easy when Finn was small to carry him from the house to the car and not disturb him when he was sleeping. 

Nursery Chair 

I really wanted a proper nursery chair but they were so expensive. We ended up getting one from IKEA, it was brilliant for during night feeds and sitting by the cot when Finn wouldn’t settle. 

Gro Egg

I loved our Gro Egg I was so worried that Finn was either too hot or too cold and this made it so simple to make sure the room was the right temperature. 

Baby Bath 

This sounds obvious but I found a baby bath really useful as I was so nervous bathing Finn at first. As I’d had a C – Section I would have struggled leaning over the big bath. We had this one from toys r us.

What were your newborn essentials? 

Edible Mud & Worms 

Edible Mud & Worms 

We recently made this Edible mud & worms it was so much fun! Finn loved it.

It was really easy to make, I just combined a few different methods I found online. I just guessed the amounts as well and mixed until it was the right consistency but below is roughly what I used. 

I used, 

  • 3 X packets of chocolate angel delight (but you could combine flour and coco powder if you prefer) 
  • About 3 tablespoons of baking powder 
  • About 8 tablespoons of flour 
  • A cup of water – just add gradually and stir until it’s the right consistency. Thick like wet mud but not too runny. 
  • About 3 tablespoons of cooking oil just to thicken it up. 

I mixed all the dry ingredients, then slowly added the water and oil mixing well. 

For the edible worms I  cooked spaghetti and added black food colouring. 

We also recently made this Cloud Dough Finn loved playing with it. 

Joie i-Anchor review 

Joie i-Anchor review 

As Finn began to grow out of his infant carrier I began the search for a new car seat. I searched so many forums, reviews, blogs and asked friends and we finally decided to get the Joie i-Anchor. 

 The two main factors for me were , I wanted Finn to rear face for as long as possible and we needed 2 isofix bases for our cars to make life easier swapping the car seat. 

For those of you that don’t know new research says your child should stay rear facing up to 4 years old. This is an approach taken in lots of European countries. The legislation hasn’t been passed in this country yet but we knew we wanted to go for this option. Extended rear facing is proven to be safer in a frontal collision, which is often the most fatal. We are going to keep Finn rear facing for as long as possible. The joie I- anchor is perfect for this as he has plenty of room and the isofix has seven different reclines so we can adjust is as he grows. The headrest also adjusts as he gets taller. I was worried that he would get fed up rear facing but because of the angle of the isofix he can see out of the window and a rear facing mirror means we can see him. 

The only slight criticism I had for this was when Finn first started using it his head would go forward slightly when he was asleep. Joie did advice to use the newborn insert. I think for this reason I’d prefer to use a newborn carrier until he had better neck control. 

Overall I would highly recommend this car seat, it was brilliant value for our requirement of 2 isofix bases and 1 car seat. 

Here’s a link to who explain why extended rear facing is safer. 

Finn rear facing

Family Travel Wish List 

Family Travel Wish List 

I love holidays, travel and discovering new places  so decided to write my Family Dream Destinations. I stopped myself at 20, I could have gone on forever. These are all places I would love to visit with Finn as I want him to visit as many places as possible growing up. 


We have been without Finn but I can’t wait to return with him. I love the history, the parks and the diversity.  I’d love to take Finn to the Tower of London when he’s a bit older as we have always talked about going.


I have been when I was younger and for the day on a college trip. I remember Edinburgh being a beautiful city. I’d love to take Finn to the castle and as we are Chester Zoo members we are able to visit Edinburgh  Zoo for free. 


I always think Brighton looks so pretty on pictures I’d love to wander around all the quirky shops in the lanes. 


We are camping in Cornwall in July, I can’t wait , I went on a family holiday when I was younger and am looking forward to re visiting.

Isle of Wight 

I recently read about a company that hires out camper vans for you to travel around the Isle of Wight. I think this will be a really cool way to discover a new place when Finn’s a bit older. 

Tour Ireland 

We have only been to Dublin but would love to see more of Ireland. We plan to get the ferry over and drive round for a week or 2. 

New York 

I went to New York for my 21st and can’t wait to go back with Stu and Finn. I never really thought of it as a toddler friendly destination but have been doing my research and there’s loads for younger children to do. 

Disneyland Paris 

I’m not massively into Disney or theme parks but have been told by so many people that Florida is a dream kids holiday. I thought Paris would be a good intro to see if it is something we would enjoy. 


This would be my ultimate dream, it would be amazing to see animals in their natural habitats. 


This is another dream holiday, it would be brilliant to meet Santa, ride a husky sled and soak up the whole atmosphere. 


I love Orangutan’s and would love to visit one of the sanctuarys. 


This island just looks so beautiful I’d love to experience it for myself. 


Another place I just love looking at pictures of, I’d love to visit Dubrovnik and the islands. 


Somewhere I’ve always dreamt of visiting I hope one day we can take Finn and travel around for a few months.


Like Australia I’d love to tour America. If I won the lottery one of the first things I’d do is travel America visiting every state. I’ve always been fascinated. 


I’d love to go and see the Northern lights and swim in one of the thermal pools. 


I’ve always wished I would have done some travelling in my student days and Thailand is always where I dreamt of going. I’d love to experience the beautiful beaches, culture and Thai food. 


We recently went to Rome and this was my first time to Italy, I fell in love. I really want to discover more of this country. 


This is another country I love looking at pictures of. A beautiful country I’d love to explore. 


I’d love to visit Rio during the carnival. 

What would be on your family travel wish list? 

Messy Play 

Messy Play 

One of the Toddler  Groups we love is Messy Play , Finn absolutely loves it and has developed so much since we started going. When we first started he just used to put his hands in the paints but now he will hold the brush and crayons more confidently. We have been going for about 7 months now and he is so excited when we walk in the room and he can’t wait to get involved. 

First Class
Finn’s first class

The company is called Splat Messy play and I definitely recommend these if there is a group near you. Here’s the link if you want to take a look Splat Messy Play

Finn’s first class
Finn’s first Class

Sarah who runs the group we attend is brilliant, she always helps out with all the baby’s and is really imaginative with the different stations. Each week is a different theme ranging from circus, teddy bears picnic, Mother’s Day etc.. There’s usually about 6 stations with a craft to take home. 

Loves getting messy
Planting Carrots

We love it and one massive plus is we can make all the mess we want else where. 

Play Dough

Does anyone else  go to messy play classes? How do you find it? You can read all about other groups we attend here Baby Groups.

Food Play
Water Play
Sensory Play
Craft Activity
Mother’s Day Activity
Food Play

Cloud Dough 

Cloud Dough 

I recently found a few Posts on Pinterest for Cloud Dough or Moon sand so I thought I would give it a go. Finn loved it. It’s easy to mould together but returns to a wet sand like consistency. 

before mixing

You need 

  • Plain Flour 
  • Vegetable Oil 
  • Food colouring (optional) 
  • Glitter (optional) 
  • A large tray preferably with a lid 
  • A whisk 
  • A bowl to mix it 

with yellow food dye
Adding Blue Food Dye

Cloud dough is really simply to make all you do is mix 1 part vegetable oil to 4 parts flour, I used a small cup. I stirred it with a whisk then pressed it all together with my hands. To get the coloured effect I made 4 lots separately  with red, blue, green and yellow food dye then mixed it all together in a large tub. I then sprinkled glitter on it all and pressed it together. The food dye and glitter are optional but I just really liked the effect it gave. 

Finn loved pressing it, scooping it up and driving his cars through it. If you keep a lid on it when you aren’t using it it should last a week or 2 as well. 

mixing it together
Red food dye

mixed together
mixed together

The Mummy Tag 

The Mummy Tag 

I was tagged in the Mummy Tag by Jenni from Chilling With Lucas.

Thank you, here are my answers. 

1 – Are you a stay at home or working Mum? 

I work part time 3 days a week but as I’m Self- employed this can sometimes be 1 or 2 days. 

2- Would you have it any other way? 

Some days I’m really sad about leaving Finn but on the whole no. I love my job but get to spend most of the week with Finn. 

3- Do you co-sleep? 

No, but if Finn is having a bad night or poorly he will sleep in our bed.

4- My Newborn must have?

 Not strictly newborn but the jumperoo, a lifesaver.

5- How many kids do you plan on having? 

Who knows? For now we are just enjoying our time with Finn. 

6- Date Night? How often?

 We are trying to do one a month. 

7- What’s your child’s favourite show? 

Thomas the tank.

8- What’s 1 thing you bought for your newborn and never used? 

The Bumbo I think he used it for about a day. 

9- Child’s favourite food?

 He will eat Anything but I’d probably say Banana’s or yogurt. 

10- How many cars does your family have? 

11- What’s your dream family holiday? 

Hiring a motor home and driving round America. 

12. Dream holiday without kids? 

A tropical beach with an all inclusive cocktail bar. But I’d probably last a day before missing Finn too much. 

13. How has life changed since having kids? 

This is such a hard one to describe so much more love, fun, laughter, stress , washing I could go on forever. 

14- Finish the sentence. It makes me melt when… 

I go to get Finn out of his cot in the morning and he has the biggest smile. 

15- Where do I shop for my kids? 

I love next, marks and Spencer’s, H&M. 

16- What’s your favourite makeup and skincare?

 I tend to swap quite a lot, I used to be all about the high end brands but now I mainly stick to high street brands. 

17- Huggies or Pampers?

 Neither I love Aldi Nappys. 

18- Best Part of being a Mum? 

Discovering everything through little eyes, Finn looks at everything with such amazement. Also the cuddles. 

I’m tagging –

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I look forward to reading your answers X 

Toddler Flying Tips

Toddler Flying Tips

Following on from my blog about Baby Flying Tips  I thought I’d do the same for flying with toddlers. We recently travelled to Rome with Finn, he was 14 months at the time and is definitely more active than the last time we flew. Here’s our Rome Blog if you fancy taking a look. 
Booking flights- A lot of advice I’ve read says to book flights around your toddlers sleep times. We’ve always tended to just go with what’s  cheapest and more convenient and I’ve not found it’s made a massive difference. I find there’s usually too much going on for Finn to sleep. That said we haven’t done long haul yet, so maybe if we did long haul I’d work around bed time. My advice would be to go with the flow, but you know yourself how adaptable your toddler is. 
Airport- We flew from terminal 3 at Manchester and they had a kids area with soft play and CBeebies. I said to Stu we must have walked past this loads of time pre Finn so it’s definitely worth hunting one out.  It was brilliant, Finn was able to run around and burn some energy before the flight. 

Ready to take off
Food & Drink- My number 1 tips is snacks and lots of them. I took raisins and then once we were through security I bought crisps, some fruit pouches, cereal bars, a sandwich, fruit and crackers.  I know this isn’t the healthiest snack choices  but it’s just for a few hours and these were a great distraction on the flight. Finn is now on cows milk so we were also able to buy this after security. I then gave him this in his sippy cup for take off and landing to help with his ears. On passing security I just made sure we got everything else in the trays and then took his cup away last minute to avoid a meltdown. 

Plane Bag- We took Finn’s Trunki with us, he loved pushing it around and playing with it at the airport. I bought a few new toys for the plane and the things we found most useful were: stickers (these kept him occupied for ages), a colouring book, crayons, 3 new toy cars, a pull back Thomas train that rolled when you released it he laughed at this for ages, a new teddy and the travel Aquadoodle! The travel Aqua doodle was brilliant both on the plane and when we were Eating out on holiday. I’ve read on other blogs to go to the pound shop and buy 10 toys and wrap them up then space them out for the flight, which is something I might try next time. 

Watching Bing

Changing Bag- As well as the trunki we also took a separate changing bag. I packed (for a 3 and a half hour flight) 2 Muslins, 2 packs of wipes, a spare change of clothes, 2 Blankets (but Finn loves these for comfort), 6 nappys & Calpol just incase his ears really bothered him. I always prefer to take more just incase of delays.

Ipad- We bought some child friendly headphones and loaded the iPad with Thomas the tank Finn loved this on the plane. I think the headphones were a massive novelty as well. 

Softplay area at the airport

Boarding and leaving the Plane- We tried to make sure we were the last on the plane just to minimise the time we spent waiting. We also found it best for me to leave as soon as possible with Finn and for Stu to hang back and check under the seat for dropped items and bring the bags. 

Walking- whenever possible I let Finn walk up and down the aisles, he loved all the attention and it was perfect when he was getting fed up of being sat down. 

Sleep- On the flights we’ve been on with Finn he’s always struggled to sleep so I think what works best  for us is letting him just have some chill time with the iPad. I’d say if possible try not to stress too much about nap time and routine as I’ve always found it soon falls back into place. 

Trunki ready to go

What are your top tips for flying with a toddler? 

50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 and 3/4 

50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 and 3/4 

I recently came across an article all about the National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4 and fell in love with the idea. 

I think with the increase of technology  some children never experience the really fun childhood milestones. I’m not saying I’m anti tv, iPads etc as Finn does watch some cartoons, and the iPad was a lifesaver on the plane. But  I’m really conscious of making sure Finn doesn’t use them too much as he grows up. I also think this list is a really fun way to have quality family time together. 

Here’s the list 

And here’s a link to the site 50 Things so you can have a look for yourself. 

Obviously Finn is still really little so there aren’t many we can complete at the moment but I’ll definitely be referring back to this list as time goes on. I know Stu will really enjoy doing these activities with Finn as well. 

Here’s some pictures from some  we’ve already ticked off,

3.  Camp out in the wild.

And – 23. Visit a farm 

41. Plant it , Grow it , Eat it 

Is anyone else following this list? I’d love to hear X 

Fuerteventura- Finn’s  first holiday abroad

Fuerteventura- Finn’s  first holiday abroad

We took Finn on his first holiday abroad to Fuerteventura when he was Just over 7 months old. We went in September for a week to Caleta de Fuste and stayed in the Barcelo Thalasso Spa.

As I have mentioned previously I am a massive overpacker and worried we wouldn’t have enough for Finn so I did take about 4 spare of everything clothes wise, about 40 nappys etc… But when we were there I had a look around and everything was cheap enough to buy.

Finn enjoying some melon round the pool
I have covered the flight and airport separately in a previous blog Baby Flying tips.

We got a taxi from the airport as I had read on trip advisor that they had car seats and it was only a short transfer. This was the easiest option with the pushchair and all the luggage.

Finn loved the Pool

The hotel was beautiful with plenty of facilities. We had decided to go all inclusive as we thought it would be easier with Finn being new to food we could just pick bits up for him whenever. We also wanted a little bit of luxury with it being our honeymoon. The food was really good but we did eat out quite a few times for a change  at tea time as we knew we would  get bored of just one buffet. The breakfast was lovely with lots of choice. Lunch suited us as there was a snack bar so we could just get bits of food during the day. We had chosen an upgraded room and it was huge, with a beautiful sea view. We All all the rooms looked lovely though. There was 2 big pools, with one really shallow bit which was ideal for a baby. He loved splashing in the pool or floating in his rubber  ring.

My big worries were keeping Finn cool and food, which after speaking to a few friends about going abroad with babies this was their main worry too. I will briefly cover some tips I picked up.

Food– As I’ve mentioned previously in blog posts we did partly Baby Led Weaning so at this stage Finn was happy to eat a variety of food. There was plenty of salad bits, fruit & pasta for him. Plus he was happy to try bit of what we were eating. I do think all inclusive was perfect for a baby at this stage of weaning . That said I did take a lot of ready made food & snacks. I ordered pouches and packets of baby snacks to Boots at the airport , just so I knew we would definitely have something for him.

Heat- We have the the Armadillo City and this was perfect as it has a really large sun canopy. We also kept Finn in the shade whenever we could  apart from in the pool. He lived in swim stuff in the day as it was too hot for anything else. One thing he loved and kept him cool was a blow up paddling pool under an umbrella, we filled this up with pool water and bought a few toys to go in it. He really enjoyed this.

Siesta in the Shade

 View from our room

The area was really good for children, we didn’t venture really far as we just wanted a relaxing holiday. But around the hotel there was plenty of parks,play areas and child friendly places to eat. One restaurant I would definitely recommend is La Taberna del Capitan, this is probably the best tapas we have ever tasted! From the outside you wouldn’t think so but this place is amazing. We returned twice something we don’t normally do on holiday but it was that good. Fado rock was  another restaurant we loved as well, I had a beautiful   seafood mixed grill. We never really stayed out too late but early evening all of the bars were child friendly and reasonable prices.

We would definitely like to return to this area one day.